Rajah hot curry powder is made from the finest blend of spices - including paprika cloves chillies and fennel - to give you the colour taste and aroma that you your family and friends love. Hot curry powder is GMO Free has no added msg and is non-irradiated giving you a more natural finish to your curry powder. It can be used in stews sishebos currys as a marinade in vegetarian dishes or in any other meal that requires seasoning. It is popularily used for chicken curry beef stews also known as a neccessary ingredient for family meals. Known as the main ingredient when frying onion or at the early stages of a meal preparation the hot curry powder is perfect for any dish. Rajah curry powders are perfect for any occasion be it a normal family dinner dinner with friends traditional events like umsebenzi umembeso umemulo and weddings. Rajah prides itself in being a versatile curry powder suitable for all age groups whether young millennial or older. Once anti starts making that beef stew visitors and family are drawn by Rajah's irresistible mouth-watering aroma. How better to bring people together than with Rajahs captivating and inviting aroma? With a rich heritage passed on from generation to generation you are assured great quality exceptional flavor and unforgettable aroma.

Robertsons Rajah Curry Powder Hot 100g

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