A Long Time Favorite Nestle's Aero Is A Delicious Milk Chocolate Bar That's Filled With Light Bubbles Of Air. These Famous Chocolate Bars Are Made By Filling The Chocolate With Air Bubbles And Then Smoothing It Out With A Chocolate Coating. Aero Has Been Sold In Lots Of Different Flavor Varieties And Is Known For Their Slogan 'Feel The Bubbles Melt' Aero Has Been Manufactured By Nestle Since 1988 After They Absorbed Rowntrees. Known For Its Unique 'Bubbly' Texture That Collapses As The Bar Melts It Is Available In Many Different Forms Including Aero Bars And Slabs. What Makes Aero So Deliciously Special? It's The Chocolate Bubbles That Are Designed To Melt Effortlessly In Your Mouth

Nestle Aero Milk Chocolate 85g

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  • Store In Cool Dry Place.
  • The Original Aerated Chocolate: A Rich & Smooth Chocolate Filled With Light Air Bubbles That Melt In Your Mouth