Knorrox Stock Cube Beef Superior Knorrox stock cube with added Herbs and Spices that come together to deliver an even more enhanced delicious meaty taste. Key Benefits: Flavour with added herbs and spices (rosemary thyme coriander and chilli) to give your stews a delicious richer meatier flavour Other Products: Knorrox also has a wide range of stock cubes soup and soya mince: Knorrox Stock Cube Chilli Beef Knorrox Cube Chicken and Knorrox Soup Brand: Knorrox has been in the South African Market since 1968 - making it a brand with a rich heritage. The brand established its identity on a core proposition of providing meaty taste to a consumer that has always loved meat because of an abundance of cattle that surrounded the farmstead is in which they grew up.

Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes 360g

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  • Knorrox Stock Cube Oxtail 60g with added herbs and spices With Added Herbs and Spices That bring flavour like Rosemary,Thyme, Coriander and Chilli To give your stews a delicious, RICHER, MEATIER flavour